Today, mom and I spent the day cutting and moving brush, and generally cleaning up around the yard.  I attacked the mess of blackberry and raspberry bushes, and managed to drag out all the old dried and broken vines.  We should be able to get in and under them this year, as long as we can beat the grackles and redwing blackbirds to the ripe ones.  We still need to do something about the blueberries, they have not produced for two years now, or the birds have eaten them all green; we must find a net this year that will cover the whole patch, and these are healthy blueberry bushes, 9-10 feet tall and older than I am.  We both have high hopes for the so-called “blueberry food” fertilizer that mom mail-ordered this season.

Need to learn to sharpen the chainsaw…

Also started a tray of marigolds which we plan to plant among the squashes this year to combat the squash bore and other pests. Fingers crossed. Still planning on starting peppers, thai and bell, and maybe some old tomato seeds to supplement the starts we’ll get later in the spring.