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Astronomy Picture of the Day from Nasa

this is just to get your attention, the post is boring... click on the picture and go look at pretty astornomy pictures!!!

OK, so it’s December, and NaNoWriMo 2011 is officially over.  Which means I have officially achieved Nanofail once again, at just shy of 20,000 words.  Oh I could blame it on the holidays, family visits, change of job and general busy-ness, but the truth is I lost steam about midway, and didn’t stick with it.  But this being Nano* and not ACTUALLY Nanowrimo at all, I am starting up again (o god why do I do this).  The idea behind Nanostar is to lie, cheat and steal my way to the finish line (which includes going outside the artificial boundaries of “Novemeber”); and I have to say I have done a lousy job.  I didn’t even try just typing out some text wholesale, oh sure, I transcribed a couple of poems, what’s that, a measly few hundred words.  I can cheat better than that, I know I can!
In any case, that’s my Nano postscript (being also the preface to Nanostar: PartTwo; The Final Month, Maybe)… but this is probably the last I will talk about nano here on the blog.  I have recently had some up close and personal feedback on my blog, and am going to try and take some of that constructive criticism to heart and try to make this thing not “pointless and kind of boring”…