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So I’ve got a few more blogs to share this month, very geeky, I promise. But I wanted to mention one from a friend of mine that I think is pretty cool. I was gonna wait till later in the month, make it all casual-like, but, well, stuff happened, you’ll see…

Words are kind of the antithesis of what she does, and I lay em on thick here (forgive me, it’s nano, I’m counting… one two three). She draws in ink and emotion, and makes her little stick figures speak some complicated thoughts. Or something, that’s what I think, you look first, then see what you think.

The friend is Dana Zemack (that’s Dana like Lana),
her website is http://danavore.tumblr.com,
and the reason I’m springing it early in the Blogs I ❤ series is that she just had some of her comics picked up by a big name on teh interwebs, called Jezebel.com,
you may have heard of them, or maybe not (don’t click on that, mom, look at the first one instead…)

So, like she’s HUGE now, go check it out and tell her what you think 😉 Yeah, all three of you…