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OK, no words are coming today, so I am going to transcribe some favorite poems that I have been reading lately..

The Old Wild Place, David Whyte

After the good earth
where the body knows itself to be real
and the mad flight
where it gives itself to the world,
we give ourselves to the rhythm of love
leaving the breath
to know its way home.

And after the first pure fall,
the last letting go, and the calm
breath where we go to rest,
we’ll return again to find it
and feel again the body welcomed
the body held,
the strong arms of the world,
the water, the waking at dawn
and the thankful, almost forgotten,
curling to sleep with the dark.

The old wild place beyond all shame.

I saw David speak once in Seattle with a good friend of mine, who introduced me to his writing. He was a fantastic speaker, and read his poems slowly, and at least three times in a row, just like I was taught to do in college (yes, I know very Dead Poets but not that kind of school). You read the poem once through, and then begin again directly after you finish. After the second reading you pause and read the whole poem in it’s entirety. With short poems, I often do this to this day. Can’t remember the name of that teacher though.

The Long Arm Of Memory

The long arm of memory
winds round the frozen shoulder
I lean against a wall
calling me back
as if I could
from this place.

Often I have unwound that arm
and flown above the town
where I and all my friends have slept
night upon night
uncurled it like the wing a moth
could show to a new world
born to its hundred changing eyes
to the veins of its body
to the fur that stretches down it’s chest
to its leap in a world gone mad with flight.

Haven’t read much poetry really, or written any at all since schoolboy days. I suppose since an adult I have consumed poetry more in the form of music than anything else…. here’s some lyrics from my favorite songwriter of late, Dan Bern…

Sometimes it feels
like theres so much that you need.
Sometimes the world is upside down.

Sometimes it seems
like the only thing you need
is holding someone’s hand as you walk through town…

She goes why baby,
why baby, why baby, why…
Why have you turned
your back on love?
You’ve had so many chances,
why have you let em all go by?