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Macbookless for a week!
…and NaNo is beginning. I updated to Lion and iOS 5 last week and my macbook battery promptly stopped charging. Even though they claim that it must be a coincidence, they are replacing it under warranty, and they’re replacing the display while they’re at it due to a persistent flicker issue that had not been fixed in the past (the replaced the graphics chip about six months ago). So score! But I am without my trusty laptop, who lives by my bed and travels with me wherever I got. At the moment I am writing this on my iPhone (who also lives with me, even closer than the laptop) using a spiffy new Apple wireless keyboard that I scored when I took my Macbook in; I mentioned that my trusty old white wireless keyboard had worked up until iOS 3, but doesn’t work now, and they gave me half off a new keyboard. Anyone want an old white Apple wireless keyboard? It doesn’t work with iPhones or iPads but it will work fine on any desktop system, and it has a number pad unlike the new ones. Anyway, that’s my Apple story for the week. I actually LOVE using the keyboard with the iPhone, selecting and editing text is sooo much easier, my pudgy fingers just cant seem to drag around the handles for those little blue selection boxes. I may stick with this setup for writing during Nano, as my iPhone battery will last much longer than my laptop. I use Simplenote to sync with altNotational Velocity (all to be piped into Scrivener if I edit the beast). What’s your writing setup like this Nano?