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My Mom is back from Florida, where she was attending a conference. For lunch today we had thin crust pizza made from leftovers; whole wheat tortillas, the last of the mozzarella and leftover spaghetti sauce.  Not so creative, but hot and yummy. It’s 10 degrees outside, yech!

I am waaay behind on the PostADay challenge, and I am not letting it worry me one bit.  I take these things as more of a suggestion than a deadline.  I thought about changing to PostAWeek, but then I’d be like three months AHEAD of schedule, but that would just reinforce mu procrastinator-self, and you all would never hear from me again.  I am working on a number of posts; here’s a taste of the draft titles:

  • bookstore memories
  • thoughts on fire
  • terrible sci fi
  • TV: Fringe, the end of Medium, BSG, Caprica, end of line
  • the printed word; or why do people like heavy smelly books
  • gardening and growing up

So, really I am working on new posts that aren’t just cameraphone snapshots as food right before it goes in the gullet… stay tuned.