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I’m a Mac person, there I’ve said it.  Overly controlling practices and monopolistic tendencies aside, they build a better computer than just about anyone out there.  One of the programs that I use all the time, truly one of the best designed word processing programs that I have ever seen is only available for Macs, and it’s called Scrivener, and if you’re not familiar with it yet, CHECK IT OUT, you can try it free for 30 days of use.  That’s not thirty consecutive days, now, that’s thirty days of using the program, have you even heard of a trial like that for another program!!?  It is mainly designed for writing and organizing large projects,or novel writing.  You can import just about anything, there’s even a context Service menu option for inserting clippings from other programs.  It also integrates well with Writeroom, so you can take notes on the road and then easily import them into your project over an internet connection….

Anyway, it’s fantastic so check it out….