Tomorrow Mom and I will depart from Clarksville and head towards home.  Hopefully we’ll be able to complete the drive in two days, but it may take two and a half.  We were going to tow my car behind the Explorer, but apparently Uhaul will not rent anything to tow behind an Explorer!  Who knew?  Apparently some obscure liability thing, I think it’s just anti-American and Uhaul should be ashamed  😉  So, we’ll be caravanning to Massachusetts, which will spare mom listening to my music, and vice versa.

It’s been so nice to see the little guy, who’s now the big guy, and the new little guy, whom we call Worm, or Bug.  He’s cute, and moody and his faces changes color like a cuttlefish when he… well does anything really! EG and I have had a lot of fun, swinging and playing.  He likes to put on cooking shows.  This morning he offered to make me anything in the world.  It took me a little while to figure out that he was only making chicken soup that day (with fish, and clam chowder on the side), but it all worked out in the end.